Charissa Thompson Finally Opens Up About Overcoming Her Nude Photos & Videos Being Leaked Out (PICS)

2018 was a hard year for Charissa Thompson as she found herslef being extremely embarrassed and disrespected after someone stole and leaked her nude photos and videos online.

Thompson learned at the time that someone had hacked her iCloud account and shared intimate photos of her with the public. She was dating Jay Williams at the time, and he could also be seen in those same photos and videos.

Charissa recently opened up about overcoming that heartbreaking time during an interview with the NY Post.

“Being real, I haven’t had a sterling reputation … I had my privacy violated. I had something really bad happen to me,” she told me. “And those comments still to this day I have to delete off my Instagram.”

“When that all happened to me, I’ll never forget this. My bosses put me on a plane to the NFC championship game, it makes me want to cry, into Philadelphia to be with all the guys,” she said.

“I’m already crying because they were like, ‘Hey this bad thing happened to you. But, like, we want you to be with your family’ … They were all on the road for the NFC championship game. So anyway, I flew there and I wasn’t even working. I just was with them and they were so wonderful to me.

And so I’ll never forget that, that even though most people, like people make comments like, ‘Oh, how are you still employed after that’ … Instead, my employer wrapped their arms around me and they’re like, ‘We got you.’ So I don’t even know what your initial question was because now I’m crying. But it’s just about remaining authentic … even if it’s a crappy thing that happened … I think it’s just frustrating that you can be a victim of something and then have to defend your position.”

Charissa currently hosts “Fox NFL Kickoff” and has found the man of her dreams and gotten married.

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