Floyd Mayweather Threatens To Knock Husband Out In Front Of His Wife At Florida Hotel (VIDEO)

Floyd Mayweather wanted all the smoke.

A guy recently got into a verbal altercation with the legendary boxer at the Fountain Blue Hotel in Miami that seemed to start because Mayweather did not want his vehicle recorded.

He says a white Rolls Royce pulls up and the “shortest guy I have ever seen in my life” gets out of the passenger side. “He’s wearing shorts above the knee, with palm trees on it and a matching shirt,” the guy says.

“If you take a picture of my car, I’ll punch you in the fucking face,” the guy claims Mayweather says to him.

It wasn’t until the guy took his mask off that he realized it was Floyd Mayweather.

Mayweather could be heard saying, “Don’t get fucked up in front of your lady.”