Jim McMahon Rips The Bears To Shreds, Calls The Packers The Best Organization He Ever Played For (VIDEO)

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2021 is certainly giving 2020 a run for its money.

The only starting quarterback to win a Super Bowl for the Bears is now taking public shots at them.

Jim McMahon, who started his career in Chicago and ended it in Green Bay, told 1252 Sports that Green Bay was the best franchise he has ever played for.

“It was the best team, or the best organization, that I’ve played for of the seven teams I’ve played for,” McMahon said. “By far. From top to bottom it was great people.”

McMahon played a back-up role for the Packers during the 1995 and 1996 seasons and was on the roster with the team that won Super Bowl XXXI. He only threw a total of five passes and played in just six games.

The two-time Super Bowl champ also took a shot at the Bears:

“I think it’s where quarterbacks go to die,” McMahon said.

Asked what the Bears should do in the draft, he said, “I don’t know, don’t watch them, don’t care. I wouldn’t know what they need or who they’re thinking of drafting.”