Aaron Rodgers is Becoming A Natural At Hosting ‘Jeopardy!’ With Yet Another Hilarious Moment With Contestant (VIDEO)

Don’t look for Aaron Rodgers to join the broadcast booth when he retires, he has already found his second career while still in the midst of his first one.

The Green Bay Packers QB’s two-week stint as Jeopardy! guest host is sadly coming to an end, but he has given of some incredible moments.

The latest one came on Thursday when contestant Lindsay told a story of how people always seem to call her by the name Ashley when they can’t remember her name.

Rodgers hilariously responded with, “Alright, Ashley.”

Rodgers did not let up as he continued to call her that off-camera as well.

Via The Ringer:

“Later, Rodgers continued to call her Ashley in all their subsequent off-camera interactions. Wilcox, who is a teacher, says, “I’m very excited to impress all these middle schoolers that Aaron Rodgers and I basically have an inside joke.”