“Blonde Bomber” Ebanie Bridges Shows off Gruesome Eye Injury In Side-By-Side Photo With The Terminator (PICS)

Ebanie Bridges sustained a brutally swollen left eye after a grueling boxing battle against Shannon Courtenay last weekend. Her eye was such in bad shape at the time, that she couldn’t even open it up to see anything.

The Blonde Bomber has gained a ton of fame in the past few weeks months with her showing up in lingerie at weigh-ins. Not to mention, she used to be a math teacher as well.

Her eye has since came back down to normal, but now she is left with a severely bloodshot eye along with some bruising underneath. The Australian posted a hilarious side-by-side photo of herself alongside the Terminator on social media.

β€œI was doubted the whole time – ‘someone who looks like that can’t be tough’,” Bridges told Sky Sports. β€œMen have quit from less than that.

β€œI’m happy that I was able to show everyone I’m a real fighter, a true fighter.”

She added: β€œI know how much heart I have. Never in sparring, never in life, have I given up. So that did not shock me at all.”

Bridges’ loss against Courtenay was the first of her six-fight professional career.

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