Brian Windhorst Gets Into Heated Debate With Fellow NBA Analyst Over LeBron: ‘You Are Being A Jackass’ (AUDIO)

The latest episode of the ‘Brian Windhorst & The Hoop Collective’ podcast got extremely heated when Windhorst got upset during an argument with ESPN’s Tim Bontemps.

The topic was about the NBA MVP race which has only gotten crazier since stars like Giannis Antetokounmpo, Joel Embiid, and LeBron James have missed a lot of games due to injuries.

Windhorst claimed that James had a huge lead in the MVP race prior to his ankle injury. Bontemps disagreed with that assessment.

“You can make up facts and yell like people on Twitter,” Bontemps told Windhorst. “You just said ‘LeBron had a significant lead.’ That is a lie.”

Windhorst responded like so:

“I don’t give a flying bleep about the total points,” Windhorst replied. “I know you put the total points and that matters to you. The only things that matters to me are first-place votes. How many first-place votes does LeBron have?”

Bontemps actually got so mad that he cursed at Windhorst.

“You can make up the damn rules to the poll if you want,” Bontemps said. “Do you want to make the poll in the future? Maybe you should actually listen to people because you are being a jackass.”