Ben Simmons’ Sister Says She is Being ‘Intimidated Heavily’ To Retract Her Molestation Story About Half Brother (TWEETS)

Liv Alice Simmons refuses to go away quietly after living with a dirty secret since she was 3-years-old.

The sister of Philadelphia 76ers star Ben Simmons had deactivated her Twitter page after claiming her half-brother, Sean Tribe, had started molesting her at a young age.

He has since released a statement:

On Thursday, Liv took to Twitter once again and said she was being intimidated by someone to state she has been lying about the entire thing. She is refusing.

“I am being intimidated heavily and being asked to post a public statement that I am lying.

I wouldn’t be a good woman or person if i allowed people to bully me into lying for their own personal gain.

I have people coming to my home, trying to force themselves inside this whole”

“..situation is mind blowing. My mother and her children would rather cover this up than hold Sean accountable. I STAND IN MY TRUTH AND YOU WILL NOT BULLY ME INTO ANYTHING.

“I stand in my truth and the statements I have made. I am not ‘mentally ill‘ i have PTSD and cluster B personality traits due to trauma. I was molested and it happens far too commonly for me to keep sweeping it under the rug because someone in my family is famous.”

She has since deactivated her Twitter account once again: