Cowboys Fans Have Intense Negative Reaction To Seeing Ezekiel Elliott Looking Explosive During Training (VIDEO + TWEETS)

Usually, when a team’s starting running back drops footage of themselves looking good and in shape during the offseason, the fan base gets excited. That wasn’t the case for Dallas Cowboys.

This week, Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott dropped footage of him going through ball-carrying drills under the tutelage of Texas-based “RB guru” Joshua Hicks.

Unfortunately, Cowboys fans jumped in the comments and weren’t the least bit impressed with Elliott.

“Im a huge Zeke fan, but haven’t we heard this every year since his contract extension? His “explosiveness” just isn’t there any more”

“Was he supposed to run into that first trash can or nah? And I’m not trying to hate, Zeke is world class athlete that can do things I only dream of but….I’d look explosive against a bunch of trash cans too Face with tears of joy . Y’all need a better tweeter”

“The explosive disappeared with the new contract a while back. I’ve seen grandmas shopping the day after thanksgiving with those moves.”

“Not saying he isn’t explosive… but you out me thru this drill and I’ll look just as “explosive” as this. I’m a 36 year old man…”

“I have to say I don’t see it. His game was and is more of a power through contact / jump cut game. Saquon is more of an explosive runner.”

“Say the same thing every year and he opens up like a can of spam come gamedays 10 yr olds be doing that drill faster”

“Is it me or is “explosive” a major stretch for almost tripping over a trash can”

Cowboys fans have a reason to not be excited about Elliott anymore. The Athletic’s Greg Auman highlighted that the team tied for second in 2020 with the most dropped passes (12) by their RBs, with Zeke being charged with eight drops on 71 receiving targets.

Zeke also leads all NFL RBs by a wide margin with three seasons of five-plus fumbles since 2016, his rookie campaign.

Elliott lost four fumbles across a six-week period in 2020 and it led to the fan base being more excited for backup Tony Pollard.