Patrick Mahomes Reacts To Insanely Viral Villanova QB Touchdown Pass (TWEET)

We are months away from the college football and NFL season kicking off, but Villanova gave us a fix of highlights on this day.

In an FCS game on Saturday, the Wildcats cut Delaware’s lead by one score when Villanova quarterback Daniel Smith rolled right as his teammates scramble in the end zone with Fightin’ Blue Hens on their tails.

Delaware’s defense closed in and seemingly tripped him for a sack. However, before he would hit the ground, Smith flung the ball into the air and into the awaiting arms of a teammate.

Even Patrick Mahomes was amazed.

“Man this is some crazy stuff,” Mahomes said.

Delaware eventually got the best of Villanova in a close 27–20 battle, but that play will be the only thing anybody remembers about that game.