There Was A Strange Slap Fighting Match Refereed By Ric Flair Before Jake Paul Fight, Guy Gets KO’D (VIDEO)

WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair gave his services as a special guest referee during the Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren fight on Saturday.

Triller Fight Club released a statement ahead of the event announcing the exhibition match between U.S. SlapStrike champ Da Crazy Hawaiian and his opponent, The Bear Man. The battle took place ahead of the showdown between Paul and Askren, with Flair as the referee for the slap battle.

One guy got the worst of it when he got knocked out from a slap.

“Triller Fight Club announced today it will add a slap fighting exhibition match with SlapStrike, the league that has brought the new sport to the U.S.,” the statement reads. “Triller Fight Club Co-owner and Head Commentator, Snoop Dogg got hooked on the sport after watching SlapStrike’s ‘The War from Warsaw’ tournament on FITE in March.”

That was strange, but who knows, it might eventually catch on.