Deshaun Watson’s Lawyer Drops Statement, Says They Have Evidence 2 Accusers Are Just Trying To Extort Money

(Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)

Rusty Hardin and his lawyers representing Deshaun Watson have filed a hard-hitting response to the 22 Tony Buzbee lawsuits filed on behalf of massage therapists who alleged sexual assault or misconduct.

The documents presented shows that Watson asserts the entire effort was a money grab, shakedown lawsuit.

Hardin writes that “in the few days since Mr. Watson has learned the identity of his accusers, his legal team has already uncovered evidence that numerous allegations in this onslaught of cases are simply not true or accurate.”

Hardin writes “Mr. Watson recovers his costs of court and expenses, and for all other relief to which he is entitled”.

In the court documents filed Monday, Watson’s attorney’s allege that:

  • Eight plaintiffs bragged about working with Watson and praised him
  • Seven plaintiffs were willing to work with him again after the alleged incidents. Attorneys allege that one woman contacted Watson “multiple times telling him that she was attracted to him and wanted to go out on dates with him.”
  • Three plaintiffs lied about the number of sessions they had with Watson
  • Five plaintiffs told others they wanted to get money out of Watson.
  • Five plaintiffs have scrubbed or entirely deleted their social media accounts

Soon after that, Hardin would release an additional statement that called out two of the women for trying to extort the Texans QB.

He writes: “Today we answered the lawsuits filed against our client Deshaun Watson. Mr. Watson has been adamant that he did not engage in any improper conduct and we strongly believe him.”

In the few days since his accusers’ names have been revealed, as was required by Texas law, we are discovering an avalanche of false accusations.

Only two of these 22 lawsuits allege forced sexual activity, which Mr. Watson vehemently denies. In the case of Sheneé Lawson, her business manager acknowledged to Mr. Watson’s marketing manager that the contact was consensual, but she still wanted money.

And in the case of Marchelle Davis, witnesses state that Ms. Davis was happy and excited after she massaged Mr. Watson. She lied about being alone at the spa with him. She knew there was a security guard present at all times when Mr. Watson was there.

In addition, she told witnesses that if Mr. Watson had paid her off, she would have supported him instead of suing him. I hope everyone will take a fair and measured look at these accusations as we go forward in these cases.”

Last week, one of the women originally among the 22 lawsuits against Watson dropped her civil case due to privacy after the women’s identities were revealed.