Larry Johnson Wasted No Time In Disrespecting Scottie Pippen Announcing Son’s Death With Conspiracy Theory (TWEET)

Legendary NBA player Scottie Pippen announced some tragic family news on Instagram on Monday.

The Chicago Bulls legend stated his firstborn son, Antron, has passed away at the age of 33.

“I’m heartbroken to share that yesterday, I said goodbye to my firstborn son Antron. The two of us shared a love for basketball and we had countless conversations about the game. Antron suffered from chronic asthma and if he hadn’t had it, I truly believe he would’ve made it to the NBA. He never let that get him down, though—Antron stayed positive and worked hard, and I am so proud of the man that he became.

Please keep his mom, Karen, and all of his family and friends in your thoughts and prayers. A kind heart and beautiful soul gone way too soon. I love you, son, rest easy until we meet again,” Pippen wrote on Instagram.

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Those news was out for literal minutes, but Larry Johnson did not care about that. He took to Twitter and threw out his latest conspiracy theory regarding the death of his son.

“Oh, number #33’s son died at age 33.

Today is 4/19 (4+19) 23 Two 3’s. Sounds like a 666 day today. Pfffft.”