REPORT: Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Filed Against Ravens QB Lamar Jackson

(Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

Lamar Jackson looks to be in some trouble over some pictures that he keeps using without permission.

On Monday, Sports, Entertainment, & IP Lawyer Darren Heitner dropped the news that a copyright infringement lawsuit had been filed against the Baltimore Ravens quarterback that alleges that Jackson had been using photos taken by a guy dating back to his days at Louisville.

“A copyright infringement lawsuit has been filed against Lamar Jackson.

Richard Barnes alleges that Jackson has used many of his photos, dating back to a Louisville game, without Barnes’ consent.

It’s a 52-page, 14-count Complaint that includes a RICO conspiracy cause of action.”

The paperwork:

More information from Bloomberglaw:

“Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson is facing a copyright lawsuit filed Thursday in federal court in Florida by a photographer who alleges unauthorized use of photos he took during Jackson’s college career at the University of Louisville.

Photographer Richard H. Barnes Jr. alleges that Jackson, “or someone acting at his direction,” sold merchandise including apparel, backpacks, smartphone accessories, kitchen accessories, and/or other merchandise that include one of Barnes’ photos depicting Jackson “through at least”

The complaint also alleges that Jackson retained co-defendant Ronald Dupont, owner of Stacks Jewelry in Miami, to create a “sculptural version” of one of the photos and that Stacks Jewelry then posted photos of the unauthorized jewelry on its Instagram page.

Barnes also asserts that Jackson has posted his photos without authorization on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and that a YouTube video shows Jackson “wearing a clothing article displaying and using an unauthorized derivative work that displays and uses” one of Barnes’ photos.”

The five photos at issue were taken back in 2016 during a game between the University of Louisville and Syracuse University, according to the report.

Richard H. Barnes Jr. is seeking damages, attorneys’ fees, and costs.