Ex-NFL RB Michael Bennett Accused of Kidnapping Daughter, Abusing His Baby Mama While Suffering From CTE (VIDEO + PICS)

Former NFL running back Michael Antwon Bennett looks to be in some serious trouble as his ex-girlfriend and the mother of his child is once again making some shocking claims against him.

His ex-girlfriend has taken to Instagram multiple times to accuse the former NFL running back of domestic violence, but this time around she is accusing him of kidnapping their daughter.

In her many posts, she is placing blame on him being unstable due to the effects of CTE.

See below:

“My sweet baby girl, I have sacrificed everything to keep you safe, happy, healthy & protected. I let you father be in your life bc you deserve to know the good that was left in him before the CTE took him away completely. I feared he would be a monster when he was released from prison but hopeful he would still be a good father but all he has done is abuse & destroy us and literally hunt me down & destroy everything in both of our lives!

Michael came in & took her from all she knows bc I finally was able to cut all ties and communication with him. He took her to get to me! To force me back to him or to punish me! This is “If I can have you no one can”!

He NEVER had custody! He just recently FRAUDULENTLY obtained overnight visits once a night every other weekend at the end of November just months ago!

He has served time for being a part of 2 CRIMINAL RINGS! The @fbi looked into stuff like this in Sonoma Count Courts in Ca so I do not think it’s too far off to ask that the @fbi look into it again! He has served time in federal prison & has NEVER stopped committing crimes even in prison!

My first attorney Keita Middleton of Huntington Beach CA hid all of former NFL running back Michael Bennett’s fraudulent declarations he filed in court form me for over a year. My next couple attorneys, Andrew Stadler of Santa Rosa & Debra Schoenberg of San Francisco, CA are also guilty of major malpractice in this case that led to the aggravated kidnapping of my child.

And finally Julia Quinn of San Francisco, CA failed to file a response to Michael and his shady attorney Kara Olhiser of Santa Rosa, CA who has knowingly been filing his fraudulent docs in court, which ultimately led to my child being taken from me bc she didn’t even so much as day he was lying! And what they filed was nothing but a SLAPP suit & filled with his and his goons false reports against me to the sheriff and CPS!

I will have you home safe soon baby, making silly faces like this & being your happy loving self. I will NOT BE ABUSED INTO SILENCE ANYMORE BY ANYONE! This is a child’s life that is on the line!”

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Back in 2017, he was sentenced to five years in prison for stealing about $225,000 from his girlfriend’s parents.

Bennett was selected 27th overall pick in the 2001 NFL draft by the Minnesota Vikings. He rushed for a total of 3,703 yards and 13 touchdowns.