Kevin Durant Hilariously Got Involved With Lakers Girl Catfishing The Fan Base For Years (TWEETS + PICS)

NBA Twitter is truly undefeated.

This entire thing began when Los Angeles Lakers fan was reported as being missing and the rest of the fan base that followed @Butterfly_424 wanted to find her and make sure she was safe.

Ice Cube’s son O’Shea Jackson Jr. was enev worried about her safety.

It would soon be reported that the young lady was found.

On Monday night, the “Viviangate” blew up on Twitter, with several people outing the person as being a catfish and having multiple photoshopped pictures over the years.

Things got even crazier when Kevin Durant joined a Twitter spaces chat call and somehow became the therapist of the man catfished by the person behind the account. Durant was surprised that the girl in question didn’t want to facetime Kings and even joked about it.

“Big Kings… Was catfished for how long… By another guy?” Durant asked.

“At what time you decided to commit to this person? Like you was super super, like you haven’t talked to a woman in a while?”

“Man, that’s an honest mistake, Kings. You good,” Durant finished his intervention.

The young lady in question has since dropped a short video to prove she is real. However, Twitter users pointed out that she spelled her own name wrong and still looks like nothing of the girl in previous pictures.

She has once again deactivated her account.