Patrick Mahomes Sent A Stern Message To Tom Brady On Twitter Over ‘Actions Speaking Louder Than Words’ (TWEETS)

Competition is the name of the game.

On Tuesday, Patrick Mahomes gave a stern message to Tom Brady and the world in a viral reply on Twitter.

It all started when the Kansas City Royals posted a video with the caption, “Sometimes words speak louder than actions.”

Tom Brady replied, “Nahhh I think actions always speak louder than words”

That led to Patrick Mahomes replying back to him, “I guess we will see in 20 years…”

“There are so many different things I can improve in my game,” Mahomes told The Athletic, via ProFootballTalk. “Being able to kind of restart, and start from [the] injury with the feet, I can really improve my footwork. I’ve dealt with ankle injuries in my career and being able to teach myself how to hit in the right spots with my feet. Teaching myself just how to get back from this injury will help me out in the long run.”

Brady already has the edge over Mahomes in total rings and matchups in the Super Bowl. Just like Mahomes said, we will see where they matchup in about 20 years.

Let the games begin.