Skip Bayless is Getting Blasted For His God-Awful Take of Players That Are Better Than Steph Curry (VIDEO + TWEETS)

Skip Bayless says so many insane things throughout the course of a week, you can hardly keep up with them.

He was back at it this week after Stephen Curry has been lighting the courts on fire with him scoring at least 30 points in 11 straight games. Last night, the Golden State Warriors superstar poured in 49 points in a huge win over the 76ers.

During Tuesday’s episode of FS1’s Undisputed — Bayless said there’s a number of players he would take over Curry to build a team around, including the likes of Bill Walton. He was dead serious.

“I’ve got Hakeem, Oscar, I’ve got Dr. J. These are all better than Steph right here right now,” Bayless said on Tuesday. “I’ve got David Robinson. You think not? I’ve got Karl Malone. … I got Bill Walton. … Do you remember Bill Walton? He dominated pro basketball the way very few have dominated!”

Twitter ripped him a new one: