Colts Reportedly Reached Out To Andrew Luck Before Making Carson Wentz Trade

According to NBC Sports Peter King on ‘The Dan Patrick Show’, the Indianapolis Colts checked in on former franchise quarterback Andrew Luck’s retirement before they made the decision to trade for ex-Philadelphia Eagles cornerstone Carson Wentz earlier this offseason.

The team likely just wanted to make double sure that Luck was still serious about his decision to stay retired before bringing another QB in.

In the trade for him, the Colts sent out a 2021 third-rounder, and a 2022 second-round pick that could easily become a first based on Wentz’s playing time.

Since Luck has walked away from the game, the team started Jacoby Brissett in 2019, added veteran Philip Rivers for the 2020 season, and now made a big trade hoping that Carson Wentz can return to the QB he once was before his injuries derailed his career.

After re-signing with the Indianapolis Colts, star wide receiver T.Y. Hilton said that he spoke with Luck regularly during his free agency, and that the quarterback is “having the time of his life.”

“Probably need to stop talking to him so much,” Hilton joked. “He might make me retire. He’s making me kind of jealous.”