Dillon Brooks Baby Mama Exposes Him For Dating His Childhood Molester, Hasn’t Paid Anything In Child Support With $35M Contract (PICS)

Dillon Brooks and his baby mama, Heather, are once again at odds with each other.

The drama between Memphis Grizzlies star Dillon Brooks and Heather kicked off again this week when she took to her Instagram story and exposed him for not only dating the woman who molested him as a child, but also him for not paying a single dime in child support.

“Dillon Brooks admitted to me that he was molested by this woman and that he needed help and he would provide proof of him seeing a counselor in order to get him past that stage in his life of trauma bonding and Stockholm syndrome.

I have text messages of him begging me for forgiveness for speaking to her after she threaten my child and telling me that he would reimburse me fully for whatever he had provided his abuser with in the time that he was not providing for his child (ever).

I went through childhood abuse as well. I don’t take it lightly and I think people need to seek help when it affects your life. Dillons mother allowed him to be driven around by this woman among his other friends when they were younger and she has slept with majority of Dillon’s friends under age as well.

One of his mothers best friends/ and her son his best friends with him, also clarified that she was molesting other friends of his….. at the same age ! LOL

He lied to the court saying that I had abuse my child because she contracted Covid, and had an cut on her toe because of walking around as any normal child would. Again he has seen my child maybe six times and has lied to the court to try and take full custody of my child.

Dillon is in LA and playing the clippers tomorrow. He has tried to FaceTime over the past few weeks I’m assuming to prove to the court that he’s trying to step up as a father, but he is here and has made no plans to see his daughter after seven months of not seeing her in five months of blocking my telephone number and completely ignoring her.”

Dillon Brooks began last season as the Memphis Grizzlies’ starting shooting guard, and after averaging 16.1 points per game over the first half of the season, he signed a three-year, $35 million extension with the Grizzlies.

Here is Brooks’ baby mama:

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