George Floyd’s Brother Comments On Raiders’ ‘I Can Breathe’ Post After Trial, Not Offended By It All

It looks like Mark Davis has been vindicated.

Tuesday’s verdict convicting former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin on all three charges in the murder of George Floyd marked a huge moment in the country. Chauvin’s conviction was cause for hope as may times police have not been held accountable for their actions for the things that they have done.

The news prompted an outpouring of response from the sports community and that included the Las Vegas Raiders, which drew immediate and widespread backlash on social media.

Raiders owner Mark Davis took responsibility for it.

“That’s my tweet,” Davis told the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s Ed Graney. “That was me. I don’t want anyone in the organization taking heat. I take full responsibility for that.”

“If I offended the family, then I’m deeply, deeply disappointed,” Davis told The Athletic’s Tashan Reed. Davis also told Reed that he was not taking the tweet down.

Reed pointed out that counter-protesters in support of the NYPD wore shirts with the same slogan in 2014 in an apparent reference to Eric Garner.

“I learned something,” Davis told Reed. … “I have to do a little bit more research into that just so I can speak coherently on that aspect. …

“Let me say this right off the bat: I was not aware of that. Absolutely not. I had no idea of that. That’s a situation that I was not aware of. I can see where there could be some negativity towards what I said based on that.”

As it turns out, he did not offend George Floyd’s brother at all, according to TMZ Sports.

“George Floyd’s brother, Philonise, has a message for the Las Vegas Raiders — he’s not offended by the team’s “I Can Breathe” post and is not demanding they take it down.

We spoke with Philonise moments ago … and he told us he does not believe the message was intended to be negative and he hasn’t had any negative thoughts about it all.

In fact, Philonise kind of agrees with the post — explaining how the world can finally take a breath now that the man who killed his brother has been convicted and will be held accountable.”