Jake Paul is Upset At Pete Davidson Over His Commentary At Boxing Event: ‘F–k That Guy’ (VIDEO)

Pete Davidson was certainly on one over the weekend with his commentary on the Triller Fight Club’s pay-per-view event.

The “Saturday Night Live” star was esepcially brutal to Jake Paul, who knocked out former UFC fighter Ben Askren in their boxing match Saturday.

“Today is a really wild day for boxing because it shows just how low it’s truly sunk,” he said on his way to Paul’s dressing room.

“I think today proves the fact that if you have enough followers you can truly fuckin’ do whatever you want,” Davidson said. “I mean, maybe PewDiePie will cure cancer and Charli D’Amelio will become a surgeon. Who knows?”

“They both suck, but at least somebody’s gonna get hurt. Now back to you guys in the booth!”

His comments were so controversial that the event had to mute a joke that he had towards Jake Paul. Some viewers guessed that Davidson asked him about the sexual assault allegations raised against him by TikTok star Justine Paradise.

During an appearance on his brother Logan Paul’s podcast, Jake blasted the comedian for his commentary.