Larry Johnson Had A lot To Say About The 17-Year Anniversary of Pat Tillman’s Death (TWEETS)

On April 22, 2004, former Arizona Cardinals safety and decorated Army Ranger Pat Tillman was killed in an ambush near the Afghan-Pakistan border.

Tillman had played four seasons as a star safety with the Cardinals, but would soon decided to step away from his career to enlist in the Army in 2002, eight months after 9/11.

Today is the 17th anniversary of Tillman’s tragedy, and like many things that involve sports or entertainment, Larry Johnson had something to say about it.

The former Kansas City Chiefs running back said the following:

Tillman posthumously received the Silver Star and Purple Heart, which were respectfully presented to his family.

In three years at Arizona State, Pat Tillman had seven interceptions and a touchdown. With the Cardinals, he recorded 374 tackles, 2.5 sacks, five tackles for loss, three interceptions, three forced fumbles, three fumble recoveries and 15 passes defended.