NFL Sends Ominous Message To Crackdown Heavily On Taunting During 2021 Season

. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

Are you a fan who tunes into games to see a plethora of flags thrown by refs? NO? Well, that’s too bad, because more flags will be seeing the field in 2021.

NFL Competition Committee chair Rich McKay made it clear on Wednesday that the league has let things like standing over other players and pointing fingers go unpenalized for too long, and those things will becoming to an end in 2021.

“The face to face, the pointing of fingers, the standing over players on the ground,” will be penalized, McKay said, via Pro Football Talk.

A taunting penalty in the waning minutes of a close game will most certainly draw heavy backlash from all fan bases, but players are being warned months in advance to not do it. No excuses.

As you may remember, Antoine Winfield was flagged in the waning minutes of the Super Bowl as he threw up the peace sign at Tyreek Hill to rub it in that the Chiefs were about to lose.