NFL Team Was Upset With Prospect’s Mother “In the NFL, We Pick You. You Don’t Pick Us’”

. (Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images)

Pre-NFL Draft interviews always have some great stories, but not all of them come out ending well for all prospects.

According to college football insider Bruce Feldman, a mother of a draft prospect clearly finds it very hard to let her son be his own man, and actually stated that her son wouldn’t be doing interviews. She then offered to sit in and do the interview for him.

Team representatives had a blunt message for the mother.

“She said, ‘I’ll do his talking for him.’ We were like, ‘Recruiting’s over. In the NFL, we pick you. You don’t pick us,’” said the NFL team to the prospect’s mother, per Feldman.

That is a huge red flag. Just maybe the mother was so used to the recruitment of her son coming out of high school and thought it would be the same coming into the league.

She found out that was completely wrong. That simple interaction may have cost her son to not only drop in the draft, but also cost him millions of dollars in the process.

A very expensive lesson was learned.