UFC’s Colby Covington Brings Up China In Response To LeBron Targeting Cop In Death of Teenager (TWEET)

Colby Covington loves to trash LeBron James any chance he gets, so you just knew he would be one of the first to blast him for his actions on Wednesday.

James deleted an extremely controversial tweet that featured Columbus police officer Nicholas Reardon who had just shot and killed 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant after she was seen on body-cam footage attacking another girl with a knife in her hand.

UFC fighter Colby Covington took to Twitter and not only blasted him, but brought up China as well in response.

Covington, an outspoken Donald Trump supporter, made waves a few months ag in his post-fight interview against Tyron Woodley when he shouted out all of the nation’s first responders and denounced “woke athletes” and “spineless cowards” like James.

Despite the many times Covington has tried to get LeBron to respond to him, it has failed every single time.

After receiving backlash for his now-deleted tweet on the Ma’Khia Bryant shooting, the Lakers superstar admitted that anger clouded his judgement at a time of turmoil and apologized for letting emotions getting the better of him.