Dana White is Getting Trashed By UFC Fans Over Shameless Post On Chris Weidman’s Leg Injury (TWEET)

(Photo by Alex Menendez/Getty Images)

It was a great night for UFC fans, all things considered. Things went terribly wrong when Chris Weidman suffered a horrific leg injury in his bout against Uriah Hall.

Dana White decided to make things worse when he took to Twitter and appeared to make light of what happened.

“The first fighter in UFC history to win without a single strike thrown,” tweeted White, who added a clip of the nasty injury replay.

Fans in the comments were rightfully ticked off.

“Imagine Roger Goodell or Adam Silver posting something like this after one of their guys snaps his leg into pieces. Just as dumb as it gets,” one fan wrote.

“That’s what we’re doing?” another fan added.

“Just a little tone deaf to your legend who just shattered his leg,” one fan wrote.

Weidman was then carried out on a stretcher before he was taken to a local hospital for treatment. He was scheduled to undergo surgery Sunday, the AP reported.

Ironically, it was Weidman who watched as UFC legend Anderson Silva suffered a broken shin during their fight in 2013.

“My deepest and most sincere sentiments champ,” Silva wrote on Instagram. “Have faith, I wish you a speedy recovery. In this moment I wish you and your family light, love and knowledge.

“To the fans of the sport, please respect this moment of this incredible warrior and let’s wish that he is 100% very recovered soon. May God bless you and your family Chris Weidman.”