Marissa Mowry: Meet Trevor Lawrence’s Girlfriend-Turned-Wife

Former Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence was in the news recently after announcing he had married his longtime girlfriend, Marissa Mowry. Congrats to the young couple who somehow snuck in a wedding before the 2021 NFL draft even happened!

The NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars selected Trevor Lawrence with the first overall pick at the NFL Draft on April 29. (Congrats, Jaguars Fans!) And he won a national championship in college. But if you asked him, his marriage to Mowry and his faith in God are his real accomplishments in life.

Who needs a Hesiman Trophy when you are one of the most highly touted quarterback prospects in years… AND you have your high school sweetheart as your wife?!

Who is Trevor Lawrence’s Girlfriend-Turned-Wife?

Marissa Mowry Lawrence has always way more than just a sidekick to Trevor Lawrence. His former girlfriend, fiance, and now wife is 21 years old from Cartersville, Georgia. And she has a degree in Public Relations from Anderson University.

Her relationship with the National Championship-winning signal-caller has however given her a much larger platform. And it’s came much earlier than it likely would have had she dated Joe Schmo.

trevor lawrence girlfriend marissa mowry
Post shared by Marissa Layne Lowry on Instagram at the beach (via @marissa_lawrence IG)

In fact, she has racked up over 227,000 followers on Instagram! Now, that pales in comparison to her husband, who was a shooting star in the college football world. Trevor has over 800,000 followers and that number will only grow once he enters the NFL!

Either way, Mowry has an impressive following, especially considering it is a much more wholesome page than most Instagram influencers.

Most of her posts are either shots of her and Trevor Lawrence, commentary on her faith, or PG pictures with her girlfriends and family.

Social Media And Faith

Marissa is not the only one with a rather wholesome social media presence. Of course, Trevor has a million dollar brand to protect. But it does seem like he would post exactly the same, regardless of his popularity or wealth.

trevor lawrence wife clemson university
Trevor Lawrence was a star quarterback for Dabo Swinney at Clemson University (via marissa_lawrence IG)

In fact, they both seem determined to use their platforms to spread their Faith. I mean, Marissa literally has ‘Daughter of the King’ in her Instagram Bio. And there’s also an entire section of her page dedicated to Jesus.

Talk about dedication!

The couple is not all talk when it comes to their Faith either. Not only are they dedicated practitioners, but they also use their platforms for communal good. Back in March of 2020, the couple created a GoFundMe that was meant to serve as a COVID-19 relief fund.

Trevor explained the decision frankly, posting the following on the funds website. “We believe as Christians, it is our responsibility to love and serve those around us. Especially through this pandemic,” he said. “We appreciate any and all efforts from you all. Every dollar makes a difference.”

Of course, the GoFundMe was shut down because the NCAA and their student athlete policies are the absolute worst. However, the good news is it was eventually restored.

How Did Trevor Meet Marissa?

Trevor and Marissa may both be just 21 years old, but their love is old as it gets. The couple has been side by side for around six years.

Lawrence and Mowry first met one another when they were in eighth grade at Cartersville High School in Georgia. A friendship spawned by faith quickly progressed into a relationship and just like that, Marissa Mowry was Trevor Lawrence’s girlfriend.

marissa mowry clemson university
Trevor Lawrence’s wife supported him throughout his days at Clemson (via @marissa_lawrence IG)

The couple dated all through high school and through Lawrence’s time at Clemson. They announced their engagement last July after Trevor orchestrated an epic proposal on the field at Clemson Memorial Stadium.

Apparently, there was one very brief hiccup in their loving relationship. Mowry told ESPN in 2019 that the couple split for nearly a month during their freshman year in college.

She explained that the first few weeks in college were tough on the Clemson QB. Trevor was facing fierce competition for a starting spot, and he stopped going to church. And the stress got to him and their relationship.

Lucky for them, Trevor got his career back on track. Now the couple looks poised to live happily ever after.

Trevor and Marissa Get Hitched!

Marissa and Trevor then tied the knot officially this April. Teaching pastor Dan Lian wed them at NewSpring Church in Anderson, South Carolina. Funny enough, Lian, who’s originally from Australia, didn’t even realize Lawrence was such a famous individual in the States!

trevor lawrence and his wife
Trevor Lawrence and his wife Marissa got hitched in April 2021 (via @marissa_lawrence IG)

To say that Lian spoke highly of Trevor as a man and potential husband would be an understatement. He spoke about it to Sports Spectrum Magazine, a faith and sports publication. “I have done youth and young adult — basically college-aged — ministry for the best part of 24 years,” Lian said. “I haven’t met someone who was as kind, authentic, humble, consistent as Trevor.”

Between that ringing endorsement and Trevor’s bright future, it’s safe to say that Mowry locked down a good one.

Trevor Lawrence’s Girlfriend Was a College Athlete Too!

Trevor Lawrence is not the only athlete in this budding new marriage. While he was tearing it up on the football field for the Clemson Tigers, Marissa Mowry was attending Anderson University in South Carolina as a Public Relations student. And she also found time to play for their varsity soccer team.

Mairssa and Trevor at the 2021 Masters golf tournament (Photo by Mike Ehrmann / Getty Images)

For those who don’t know much about Anderson University, it’s a private NCAA Division II school in Anderson, South Carolina. And if you were wondering how they survived the trials and tribulations of a long distance relationship, well, they didn’t… Anderson is just a 30 minute drive from Clemson!

Apparently, her love for soccer started early, as she picked up the sport at just five years old. She stuck with it through 2020, when her career as a midfielder at Anderson finally came to an end.

I doubt her athletic prowess will ever bring in millions of dollars like her hubby’s will. However, you have to think it bodes well for their offspring — if having kids is part of their life plan.