Is Sophia Phalen The Wife Or Girlfriend Of Bryson Dechambeau?

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Love him or hate him, there is no denying that Bryson Dechambeau has become one of the biggest names on the PGA Tour today. But the real question is, does Bryson Dechambeau have a wife? Or even a girlfriend?

Bryson sure has come a long way since the 2018 Ryder Cup. He has quickly made himself a person of interest on tour with a bizarre combination of raw power and an intensely analytic approach to the game.

He has had his golf clubs custom made. And not just to fit his height like most other golfers. Dechambau’s sticks each have different grip widths. ON top of that, he has his irons custom made so that they are all the exact same length.

Plus—there is the whole “longest driver on tour” thing, which he snatched from Dustin Johnson.

All it took was him adding an additional 40 pounds to his frame—and well, it certainly help him clinch his Major Championship win at Winged Foot during the 2020 U.S. Open. Take that, Dustin Johnson!

But right now, it’s all about Bryson Dechambeau and his girlfriend. Meet Sophia Phalen, the nursing student turned successful Instagram model—and now businesswoman that accompanies Bryson to most of his tournaments. 

Sophia Phalen’s Family and the Early Years

Sophia Phalen was born on December 11th, 1991 and raised in her native state of Massachusetts. Her parents, John and Meg Bertolami settled there because John had a very lucrative job in the area, working as the CEO at Boston Pharmacy Management Center.

sophia phalen bryson dechambeau girlfriend wife
Sophia Phalen is the girlfriend of PGA star Bryson Dechambeau.

John himself was raised in the same area. He studied at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School before pursuing a degree in pharmacy at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, Heath, and Science. 

While Meg was born and raised in Missouri, she too pursued a career in health care, receiving a degree from the nursing program at Vanderbilt University in 1979. She went on to work for the Homeless Program in the Boston Area as a register nurse.

Now, I don’t know much about the residency program at Vanderbilt or Vanderbilt University medical as a whole, which by the way, Sophia has since enrolled in… But considering the school’s prestigious reputation—you have to imagine you were in good hands with Nurse Meg at your service.

Sophia also has a older sister named Isabelle, who like her parents works in health care. Isabelle earned a degree in Clinical Nutrition from New York University. She is now working as a dietitian in Paris, while running a nutrition blog that promotes proper eating habits.

sophia phalen bryson dechambeau wife girlfriend
Contrary to popular belief, Sophia Phalen is not Bryson Dechambeau’s wife.

Although Sophia took a slightly different path, she also showed an interest in the health of human beings by pursuing a degree in Kinesiology and Nutrition at Chapman University.

When all was said and done, she graduated from Chapman University in 2014.

Social Media, Business, and Hobbies Of Bryson Dechambeau’s Girlfriend

Instagram is by far the platform that Sophia Phalen Bertolami is most popular on. She has racked up over 61,000 followers, who flock to her page for her steamy photos, artsy shots, and of course, pictures of her enormous pet pig, Stella.

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She first started to gain some public notoriety back in 2015 when she was actually studying nursing at Belmont University. She was doing some modeling work—and then launched her Instagram account, which really put her on the map.

It is not just sultry selfies for Sophia though. She has parlayed her success as a social media star into a couple of successful business ventures. Betolami has even launched her own swimwear line with La Isla, creating what they describe as a large cup bikini collection. Something that she herself has plenty of experience donning.

It is not all about the cold hard profits for her either. She is very involved in her community, regularly donates to charity, and links some of her bikini revenue to a group of non-profit organizations that she believes do good work.  

Relationships Before Bryson Dechambeau

Sophia and Bryson Dechambeau have been going strong for over two years now. And there are no real signs of slowing down. They regularly make appearances on one another’s social media. At times, she can even be spotted by his side when he is celebrating a good performance on Tour.

She is always good for a ‘congratulations to this guy’ sort of post. Kind of like the one she posted after his victory at the 2018 Northern Trust Open.

bryson dechambeau girlfriend northern trust open 2018
Bryson Dechambeau and girlfriend Sophia Phalen at the 2018 Northern Trust Open (via Instagram)

It is nice that she has found happiness with Bryson, because some of her other relationships with pro athletes were not nearly as a successful. Back in 2015, when she was still studying pharmacology at Belmont University, she dated Danny Muno.

Muno was not a star of Bryson Dechambeau’s level. He did play professional baseball in the New York Mets organization, however. Shortly after, she upgraded to another baseball player, Mike Napoli. He was playing for the Cleveland Indians at the time, as both a designated hitter and a first basemen.

No one really knows what happened to the couple, but considering their relationship ended right before she took up with Dechambeau, you have to imagine that it likely did not end well.

Sophia and Bryson went public in 2018 when she posted a photo of herself lounging in a bed with merchandise from the Masters. At the moment, Bryson Dechambeau and Sophia are still just boyfriend and girlfriend, and not husband and wife.

She is Not Afraid to go under the Needle

It doesn’t take an expert to tell that Sophia has had her fair share of ‘work done’ to maintain her image. Now—to be clear—this is not a criticism, which she does seem to stumble into online…

If you ask me—this is nothing more than a savvy business decision. In Sophia’s business, her appearance is a BIG TIME asset—and it has helped her to accumulate millions of dollars.

bertolami swimsuit
Bryson Dechambeau’s girlfirend Sophia is not afraid to show off her assets at the beach.

That being said, it is believed that she has gotten lip filler surgery. And it looks like she also had some work done to her chest area to really help her go viral.

And, well… Mission accomplished. So, you know what—good on her for protecting one of her most valuable assets. Even if she wasn’t making it big in the Instagram modeling world, as long as she’s happy, who are we to complain?

Will Sophia Phalen Ever Be Bryson Dechambrau’s Wife?

As for Bryson Dechambeau, we’re not sure how he feels about Sophia’s career choices, but if he’s cool with all of this, maybe one day they’ll call themselves husband and wife.

Right now, it appears as though the couple is just taking things slow. They are rarely seen in the spotlight together. Even their respective social media accounts don’t seem to promote their relationship much. At least not as much as we’re accustomed to with other popular athlete/celebrity couples.

Perhaps things have fizzled off a bit? Or maybe they’re just trying to keep a low-profile. Whatever the case may be, let’s hope it all works out for this young couple.