Chris Weidman Shows Off Nasty X-Rays of His Shattered Leg From UFC 261 (PIC)

Chris Weidman has been very forthcoming about his injury that he suffered Saturday night at UFC 261. He has been giving details of his recovery and now he’s showing just how severe it was before he underwent surgery on Sunday.

Weidman suffered the injury 17 seconds into his fight with Uriah Hall when the very first leg strike he threw was checked and resulted in his limb breaking immediately. He would be taken out of the arena in Jacksonville on a stretcher.

“Before and after X-rays of this nightmare,” Weidman said Tuesday.

“The primary concern is the bone punctured through my calf and skin when I put my weight on it, making sure the laceration doesn’t get infected.”

The 36-year-old predicts his recovery will take 6 to 12 months and he is focused on getting back in the Octagon.

“It’s pretty brutal, but I’m going to get through this,” Weidman said in a video posted on Instagram. “I think it’s going to be eight weeks until I can walk without crutches, drive and all that.

“As far as training, they said between six and 12 months I’ll be good to go. I’m trying to find the blessing in disguise and the silver lining.

“As soon as it happened and I hit the floor, saw my leg and the pain started hitting me I tried to keep my mind on something positive that will come out of this … I can’t believe it happened.”