Hot-Mic Captured Profane Exchange Between Yankees’ Aaron Boone & Umpires: ‘F–king Bulls–t’ (VIDEO)

If Major League Baseball is serious about ever becoming the National Pastime once again, then they would mic up every umpire and manager so fans can get a taste of what is being said between them when things go wrong.

On Monday, the New York Yankees lost to the Baltimore Orioles in a game where Gio Urshela’s bases-loaded hit seemingly brought the squad within a run of tying the game. Unfortunately for the Yankees — Aaron Judge was ruled out at third base for the final out.

The play was so close that Aaron Boone was going to to want a replay, but got denied that chance. That’s when all hell broke loose and Boone went off on the umpires and got ejected.

Check out the below video:

It hasn’t been the best start to the season for the Yankees as they currently sit at 10-13 and tied for last place in the American League East.