Felix Verdejo’s Pregnant Mistress Was Still Alive When Killer Jumped In Water To Tie Blocks Back On Her Body

Felix Verdejo has been charged in the kidnapping death of his pregnant lover, authorities announced Sunday night.

The lightweight boxer turned himself into federal agents in San Juan after the body of 27-year-old Keishla Rodriguez was found in a Puerto Rico lagoon. She had been reported missing ever since she showed up to his home with a pregnancy test to inform him she was with child and that he was the father.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office announced late Sunday that Verdejo is charged with kidnapping and carjacking resulting in death and with intentionally killing an unborn child, according to the Associated Press.

The deatils in what happened to this poor young girl are just as grizzly as you might imagine.

Via the text:

“What’s been said is that he allegedly try to contact some killer to the job, but all refused to do so. Like the Mom stated, Keishla was meeting Felix with the pregnancy test, which her mom warn her to be careful, since he threat her before.

Obviously she trusted him, so when they found her car, there was no sign of a brake in & the steering wheel security sticks was still on.

Apparently after she got in the car with her killer, she got hit (wasn’t specified where in her body) and that person drugged her so she passed out.

Her killer got a 2nd person to help him tied some blocks on her and dump her body over the Teodoro Moscoso bridge (from the 3rd act of Fast & the Furious 5) that connects San Juan to Carolina.

Once they tie her, they dumped Keishla to the lagoon, but the blocks came off. So apparently the one of them jumped in the water to try to tie blocks back on. Apparently, she was still alive (drugged) while all this took place Now in order to cross Teodoro Moscoso bridge, you have to go trough a toll station, which obviously there are plenty of cameras.

So the investigators reviewed the footage and saw an SUV with all the descriptions of Vedejo’s.”

It continues:

“This is an insane case, but what’s been said, that 2nd person who was involved in the dumping of the body, has been cooperating with the investigators.

BTW, the police received a call the night before they found the day, saying that they saw a body floating in the lagoon, but apparently the officer who went to search, didn’t see anything at the time.

Now the body found, did had the clothes she was wearing the day she despaired and it had a tattoo of a diamond (Verdejo’s nickname, diamante) on the back of her neck. Really sad ending story for this young Lady.”

Verdejo is accused of abducting Rodriguez, punching her in the face and injecting her via syringe with an unidentified substance. Officials say that Verdejo then fired multiple shots at her body after she was thrown off the bridge.

Verdejo and Rodriguez knew each other from middle school and maintained a relationship with her, according to Rodriguez’s parents. Her mother told reporters he had warned her not to have his baby.

“I told her ‘Be careful’ because he had threatened her not to have the baby, that he had his family, that he is a boxer, that he is a public figure,” Ortiz told reporters.