REPORT: Packers Cutting WR From Team After He Praised Him ‘Drove Aaron Rodgers Nuts’

(Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)

There are a ton of things that have made Aaron Rodgers upset with the Green Bay packers, which has led to him demanding a trade and threatening to retire.

One of the more notable decisions to make him upset was the release of a player that he praised in the media. On Monday, NFL insider Ian Rapoport reported that the Packers’ release of receiver Jake Kumerow in 2020 may have been “a death knell in the relationship.”

Kumerow was released during final roster cuts before the season, which came just days after Rodgers publicly praised him.

“Rodgers wanted to be more involved in personnel decisions…” Rapoport explained. “One thing that drove Rodgers nuts was when the organization released Jake Kumerow just a day after he praised him publicly. Described as a little bit of a death knell in the relationship.”

Rodgers appeared on SiriusXM NFL radio and praised Kumerow the Thursday before final cuts.

“Jake Kumerow has been such a solid performer for us for the last couple of years. I love his reliability,” Rodgers said. “I think he’s a fantastic, steady player, who’s very heady on the field. He makes plays, he plays with a lot of coincidence, and he’s a guy who you love having on the squad.”

The team did not care and cut him from the squad anyway.

Despite the team cutting the WR as well as trading up to select QB Jordan Love — Rodgers still went out and had an MVP campaign as well as leading the team to the National Championship game.