Asian-American Teen Left With A Concussion After Being Punched, Called Racial Slur During B-Ball Game (VIDEO)

A San Jose teenager was punched on camera and during a basketball game over the weekend in Oakland. The unnamed student was also allegedly called racial slurs during the tournament basketball game.

To make matters even worse, the parent of the attacked student says the players behind the physical altercation were only reprimanded after frustrated parents demanded something be done.

Via KPIX5:

The physical confrontation, which was caught on camera and obtained by KPIX 5, shows Lennie and Eduardo’s son, Evan (last names were not given for fear of retaliation) at a tournament game at the Soldiertown gym in Oakland.

In the video, Evan is seen trying to grab a loose ball before an opposing player reaches it. That player passes the ball to a teammate and then is seen pushing Evan. Evan gets up and is then pushed to the ground by a second opposing player standing nearby.

Words are exchanged before Evan walks away and returns to the player, who then punches Evan in the head.

“Not one single parent stood up to go protect my son, I ran across the gym to get him,” Lennie said.

She said that, well before the punch, the other team — the San Francisco Generals — repeatedly called Evan and his South Bay Snipers teammates a racial slur used against Asians.”

“They did use the ‘C’ word,” Lennie said.

“Two-thirds of the team are Asian,” Eduardo said.

Another witness named Olivia said her child played at the tournament heard the alleged racial abuse on the court.

“Several of the boys said they were using a lot of profanity using the ‘B’ word using the ‘C’ word,” Olivia said.

“How was a technical foul not called when he was obviously punching him in the face?” Olivia asked. “They said, ‘Oh, we saw what happened,’ and I was pressing them because I said, ‘If you saw what happened, you should not let that go!’”

Evan’s parents say the punch left him with a concussion.

“The worst part is no one apologized,” Eduardo said.