Female Hockey Fan Savagely Punches & Chokes Man In Stands During NHL Game (VIDEO)

It’s not often we get video from fans fighting at hockey games, which is insane when you think about a sport that allows players to fight.

That changed this week when footage surfaced of as female Anaheim Ducks fan walking up the stairs to confront a man and physically assault him in the process. She stops to challenge him to a fight, but the man tells her to return to her seat as she lowers her mask and goes back in to assault him even more.

“Get the fuck out of here,” one guy could be heard saying.

One guy comes up to hold the woman back as the guy finally responds by pushing her down the stairs. That’s when the peacemaker started to fight as the woman comes back up to choke him.

End in the end, the St. Louis Blues won the game 3-1 and dropped the Ducks to 16-30-7 on the year.

If the roles were reversed, the man in this video would be arrested, lost his job, and his life possibly threatened for hitting a woman.