Jake Paul Explains Why He Stole Floyd Mayweather’s Cap, Despite Being Punched In Eye & Getting Broken Tooth (TWEET)

Jake Paul chose to have chaos on Thursday when his brother, Logan, and Floyd Mayweather had their first face-off before their exhibition match in June.

There was the typical back-and-forth jawing one might expect between Mayweather and Jake Paul, but then he took it to another level by graqbbing the cap of Mayweather right off his head.

The 44-year-old did not take too kindly to the move and began to go after the Paul brother as his security and entourage moved in to pounce on him.

May have seemed like a good idea at the time, but it ultimately got him pounced on and left with a black eye and a broken tooth.

After the dust had settled, Paul took to Twitter to explain why he took his cap in the first place.

“I stole his hate because he steals peoples money with his boring ass fights”

Mayweather said he could beat up both brothers. He called the exhibition a “fight” for Logan Paul and “just having fun” for him.