Logan Paul Brings Up Floyd Mayweather’s Domestic Violence History During Face-Off, Undefeated Boxer Threatens To Kill Him (VIDEO)

Just like he did with Conor McGregor — Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather stood face-to-face in Miami on Thursday in an event to promote their upcoming boxing match.

The trash-talking started almost immediately and it got pretty nasty as Masyweather kicked things off.

“I know what he did to the country of Japan. You have to pay for what you did to Japan.”

Mayweather was bringing up the controversial video in which Paul filmed a dead body on his vlog during which he visited the Aokigahara “suicide forest.”

Paul fired back when he said, “I know what you did to your wife.”

Paul, of course, is bringing up Mayweather’s domestic violence history.

Floyd did not like the comments as he tried to attack Paul after the event: