Anonymous Packers Player Shares Why ‘Petty Motherf–ker’ Aaron Rodgers Won’t Concede To Green Bay Packers

Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images)

More and more people continue to state how Aaron Rodgers will refuse to back down on wanting out of Green Bay, even one current player on the team thinks he will ultimately get his way.

An anonymous current Packers player shared his thoughts on the Rodgers situation with former Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter Tyler Dunne:

“Aaron is an intelligent, trolling, petty, motherf—er,” Rodgers’ teammate reportedly said. “He’s going to get the last laugh. He’s going to make you look f—ing stupid for disrespecting him.

“As a front office, why haven’t you anticipated this? Why are you getting blindsided? I’m not saying Aaron’s evil but this is like a criminal mastermind plan.”

Rodgers has been upset with the franchise ever since they traded up and selected QB Jordan Love in the 2020 NFL Draft. Then taking him wasn’t the problem, it was more of him not being informed of the move.

Dunne also spoke with a former Packers executive who said he is certain Rodgers will either be traded or retire.

“Put it this way: they’d have to fire everybody,” the former executive said. “He is dug in. They’d have to make him the freakin’ owner of the team. The sense I get is the dude just wants control.”

Rodgers has reportedly mocked general manager Brian Gutekunst in group chats and will only return to the team if he is fired.