Rookie LB Micah Parsons Calls Dallas Cowboys’ Linebackers a ‘Terrorist Attack’

(Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

Micah Parsons likely meant nothing malicious by his description of the team, but I’m sure he wishes he could take this comment back.

During an interview on The Michael Irvin Podcast, Parsons described the Cowboys linebackers with him added to the mix as a “terrorist attack.”

“I bring speed, versatility, physicality,” Parsons explained. “I bring that dog and competitiveness. I’m going to make everyone around me better. I’m going to challenge everyone, push everyone. So, you know, I think our morale’s going to through the roof. I think when you add me next to Jaylon and Vander Esch, I think that’s scary, man. You’ve got three athletic linebackers that can all hustle, play and get to the ball. It was scary, now it’s a terrorist attack.”

Prior to the draft, there had been rumblings of “character concerns” relating to Parsons, but if you have followed the NFL at all over the past 20 or so years, then you’d know Jerry Jones couldn’t careless about players who are deemed sketchy.

“We did a tremendous amount of homework,” Cowboys CEO Stephen Jones said regarding the selection of Parsons, per Sports Illustrated’s Mike Fisher. “We felt really good about anything he had that there might be a concern about. We did backwards, forwards, any which way you can do it.”

Some of the questions centered around a hazing incident at Penn State, but Parsons was not named in the suit. Parsons labeled this concern as “false allegations.”

“You only get concerned if it’s true,” Parsons noted, per Sports Illustrated. “I knew it was false, and if I were to fall, it’d be because God wanted me to fall. I believe everything happens for a reason. I’m literally here for a reason. I put it in the air … I spoke this into existence. Now, I have an opportunity to do something great here.”

The incoming rookie already has Jerry Jones on his side as shown by the Cowboys owner stripping another player of their number and giving Parsons the digits that he wanted.