Coffee Chain Revokes Man’s Franchise After His Nasty Comment Towards LeBron Calling For Protection of Black Men, Women (PICS)

People should really watch out what they post on social media, because it can have real life consequences.

A chain of New Orleans based coffee shops known as PJ’s Coffee Shop took swift action against a man named Stephen Bruno Jr. It all began when LeBron tweeted out a message demanding the protection of young black men and women. Bruno Jr. responded to it by saying, “Eat a [eggplant emoji].”

Upon hearing of this, PJ’s Coffee Shop immediately took Bruno Jr’s franchisee outlet away from him and released a statement.

PJ’s Coffee Shop representatives elaborated by saying, “The existing franchisees of that location are well respected and have proven to be collaborative franchise partners for years.”

A comment that he could’ve easily kept off of social media cost him everything. A valuable lesson was learned this week.