Former Packers HC Mike Holmgren Rips Team For Ruining Relationship With Aaron Rodgers

(Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

Mike Holmgren, who led the Green Bay Packers franchise from 1992-98, appeared on ESPN Chicago’s Carmen and Jurko radio show this week to discuss the potential of Aaron Rodgers being traded from the team.

Holmgren, a former Super bowl champion coach with the Green Bay Packers, says the franchise should have never let the current situation deteriorate the way it has with reigning NFL MVP Aaaron Rodgers.

“It’s not a good (situation), that’s for sure,” Holmgren said this week on the Carmen and Jurko show. “I can’t imagine the relationship — a relationship — between the coach and management or whoever is making decisions and the starting quarterback getting to this point. I can’t imagine it. I wouldn’t allow it. It wouldn’t happen. But it has happened.

“I would call him in, and we’d sit down and not leave until we have an understanding one way or the other. The ball is in his court. I want him there. I need him there. I love him. Now what are you going to do? They didn’t handle it very well.”

Holgren added that he doesn’t ever remember telling a player about the team’s draft plans ahead of the selection.

“In San Franciso, Bill Walsh didn’t tell Joe (Montana) they were bringing Steve Young in, they just did it,” Holmgren said. “It’s a different world now. With a franchise quarterback and a guy as good as Aaron, you don’t treat all the players the same. I would call him in and I would say, ‘we’re going to do this. This is how it’s going to affect you.’ You have to tell him about the future, ‘when you retire, you have to think of the franchise.’

“If he didn’t like that, then you have the situation you have it. But know, we didn’t talk to players about guys we were going to draft.”

The disgruntled quarterback said last week that he wants out of Green Bay and reports have said he wants general manager Brian Gutekunst fired for him to even think about returning back to the team. The Athletic reported on his dislike with Rodgers when he allegedly mocked Gutekunst in a player-only text and compared him to former Chicago Bulls general manager Jerry Krause.

Holmgren led the Packers to one Super Bowl win and consecutive NFC championships in the late 1990s.