US Track & Field Athletes Slam D.K. Metcalf For Participating In 100-Meter Dash (TWEETS)

DK Metcalf races the 100m against some of the elite U.S. sprinters at the USATF Golden Games on Sunday, but not everybody is happy about it.

Mike Rodgers, a multiple-time Olympian and 100 meter champion for USA, said that D.K. Metcalf is in for a surprise.

“Football players don’t have any clue.”

Rodgers, who will compete against Metcalf in the 100-metre sprint, watched video of Metcalf’s combine performance and believes he saw the wide receiver’s energy flagging near the end.

“And he has to do it twice – and that’s if he gets through the first round,” he said.

“The track and field community has been going back and forth with the NFL community as to who’s actually fast and who’s not,” said Rai Benjamin, who won gold in the 2019 World Championship in the 400-metre relay and will compete in the 400-metre hurdles Sunday.

“By no means am I discounting DK. I think he’s a phenomenal athlete and it takes a lot of guts and heart to actually come out and line up against the guys that are in the field.”

Track agent, Renaldo Nehemiah:

“There’s not a sprinter in the world who will let this guy think he can run with them. They will destroy him,” Nehemiah said. “It’s a noble gesture but an exercise in futility. It really is. No offense to DK, I’m a fan of his.

“I applaud him for wanting to find out – and find out he will.”

USA Track & Field first invited Metcalf to the Olympic Trials last October after the Seahawks phenom sprinted 114.8 yards at 22.64 mph to chase down Arizona Cardinals safety Budda Baker.

13x Olympian Michael Johnson had this to say:

The Seattle Seahawks WR has to be one of the nine fastest men out of 18 from the two heats to advance to the final.

Metcalf, a hurdler and triple jumper in high school who didn’t compete in track in college, could be trying to qualify for June’s U.S. Olympic Trials.