Here Are The Easiest & Hardest Schedules For The 2021 NFL Season (TWEET)

(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Although many fan bases already know what their schedule looks like because of the many leaks that have come out on social media, the official release of full 2021 NFL season schedule is set to be released later tonight.

On Wednesday, Bleacher Report Gridiron put out a list of full teams based on their 2021 strength or schedule, with each placement being calculated using opposing teams’ records from last season.

As you can see, the Philadelphia Eagles have the easiest schedule in the entire league, while the Dallas Cowboys have the secoind easiest.

With a 4-11-1 record this past season, Philadelphia finished dead last in a historically-bad NFC East division.

After Dak Prescott went down for the season with an injury, the Dallas Cowboys, who were already struggling, got even worse for the remainder of the year.

The Pittsburgh Steelers, who started last season at 110, have the hardest schedule in the entire league, which is followed by one of their hated rivals in the Baltimore Ravens.

The Green Bay Packers sit at the 4th-hardest schedule as they go into a season not knowing if Aaron Rodgers will be their QB.