Logan Paul Gets 24/7 Security After Floyd Mayweather Threatened To Kill Him Over Brother Stealing His Hat (VIDEO)

YouTube star-turned-boxer Logan Paul is gearing up for his upcoming fight with Floyd Mayweather, but he is taking every necessary precaution to ensure he is untouched before then.

His little brother Jake got into a scuffle with the 50-0 boxing champ just after a press conference on May 6 when he decided to randomly steal Mayweather’s hat. This act of “disrespect,” as Floyd dubbed it, sparked an ongoing feud between the two that prompted the champ to claim he would “kill” Jake.

Jake is riding the high of getting a rise out of Mayweather, but big brother is trying to be safe.

In an interview with TMZ Sports, Logan admitted that he and his crew are taking extra security precautions in wake of Mayweather’s threat, posting bodyguards around them “everywhere at all times.”

Via TMZ:

“Dawg, when you have a guy with the resources and the wealth that Floyd Mayweather has and the connection and the network, and he’s saying shit, ‘I’mma kill that motherf*er’ — kill?! Death?! You’re gonna kill my brother over a fucking hat?! Yo, we take that shit seriously man!”

Logan says the Paul bros now have bodyguards with or around them “everywhere at all times.”

Logan, though, says he and his brother will NOT be going to cops or filing anything in the court system over the threat — the older Paul brother said that idea is straight-up “bitch s***, bro.”

Jake Paul even appeared to wear a bulletproof vest in the video.

“That’s some b*h st bro,” Paul laughed. “Floyd cracked Jake in the face, and someone mentioned, ‘Yo, you could sue him.’ Bro, that’s the ****est move I’ve ever… sue him? **** that!”