Senator Cory Booker Happy For Tim Tebow, But Points Out ‘Injustice of Colin Kaepernick’: “He Was Blackballed” (VIDEO)

Senator Cory Booker is not here to blast Tim Tebow for receiving another opprtunity in the National Football League, but he couldn’t help but to point out what happened with Colin Kaepernick who has been out of the league since his controversial 2016 season.

The former Stanford tight end turned senator recently spoke to TMZ and he wished Tim Tebow the best, but still couldn’t understand why former QB Colin Kaepernick hasn’t received his shot yet.

“I don’t need to cast a shadow on Tim Tebow in order to point out the injustice of Colin Kaepernick,” Booker told us … “It’s wrong. He was blackballed and I don’t need to push someone else down in order to point that out.”

Booker says Colin got an “awful deal,” but praised him as an “extraordinary athlete who had his career sabotaged by people that were against him doing what some of the greatest athletes of all times from Arthur Ashe to Muhammad all have done — which is speak out against injustice.”

After a nine-year hiatus, the Jaguars plan to sign Tim Tebow to a one-year deal.

A former Heisman Trophy winner, Tebow went 9-7 as the Broncos’ starting quarterback before spending one season with the New York Jets. He then had two uneventful stops with the Jets and Patriots before spending nearly five years in the Mets’ minor league system.