Zach Wilson’s Mom Calls Fan ‘A Total D–k,’ Responds To Claim That She is Racist For Her Rants (VIDEO)

Lisa Wilson, the mother of rookie New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson, became a trending topic on Twitter during the first night of the 2021 NFL Draft.

The tide has certainly changed in regards to Zach Wilson’s mom. It went from her being insanely hot and coveted on social media, to her being looked at as crazy after her recent rants on her Instagram story.

This week, Lisa Wilson is taking a bunch of heat on social media after ranting about Disney World and their mask policy, calling them ‘maskholes.’ She also took aim at women who use snapchat, calling them “whores,’ while telling parents how to raise their little kids to not be “dick.”

Fans began messaging her on Instagram over her comments, to which she responded to a woman named Lisa in a video by calling her a ‘total dick.’