Rockies Fan Who Got KO’d By Padres Fan At Game Declines To Press Charges, No Arrests Made (VIDEO)

The below San Diego Padres fan is the luckiest man in the country right now that he was able to punch a man in the face, knock him unconscious, and not get charged with anything.

At Coors Field on Wednesday, video shows an upset Padres making his way over to an opposing fan with ill intentions in his eyes while mouthing something to him. As soon as he made it to his destination, one right hand punch knocked a Rockies fan unconscious as he fell over for a quick nap between innings.

TMZ provided an update:

“A spokesperson for the Denver Police Dept., though, tells TMZ Sports no arrests were made … explaining, “The person who threw the first punch, was contacted by police. However, the person struck did not want to press charges.”

The Rockies would go on to win the game 3-2 in extra innings. No word on if the punched fan was awake to see it happen.