Social Media Reacts To LeBron James Salsa Dancing In New Commercial (VIDEO + TWEETS)

Earlier this week, LeBron James retweeted a clip for a new commercial for Mountain Dew Rise where it featured the NBA Champ mowing a lawn. That was merely the start of it.

The full ad, released days later, stars James wondering where he’d be in life if he was the type of person who hit snooze every morning. The Lakers superstar could be seen washing clothes at the laundromat, watching cartoons in the middle of the day, and mowing the lawn of his still tasteful bungalow.

Then there was the most viral moment of the video where James was salsa dancing.

Here’s how social media reacted:

Mountain Dew’s parent company PepsiCo pulled off a sponsorship coup in March, convincing James to leave Coca-Cola after 17 years to come pitch for the other team.

At the time, LeBron said, “It’s important to me that I believe in the brands and products where I invest my time. When I first learned about the message behind the drink—the fact that every day is a chance to rise for all of us—that really resonated with me.”