Kwame Brown Brags About Setting Screens For Kobe During 81-Point Game: ‘We Dropped 82 Combined & Won’ (VIDEO)

Kwame Brown is surprisingly going viral this week after he took to social media over the weekend and released several lengthy rants at other former players for talking about him.

During one of his rants, he spoke about NBA fans constantly mocking him for combining 82 points with Kobe on the historic night where the Lakers legend scored 81 points on the Toronto Raptors in January 2006.

Brown bragged about setting screens for Kobe that night.

“Yeah, me and Kobe dropped 82 combined and we won. ‘See you little punk na ain’t number one,’ then they never sacrificed. Let me get this straight. So everybody love Kobe Bryant and wanted and wanted to see him score and wanted to see him shoot. So he scored and he shot and the people around him didn’t get that many shots and they didn’t score and you mad? Didn’t you get what you wanted? Are you not entertained? He hit 81 motherfucking points. Did you see the screens I was setting, na? The fuck is wrong with you? Are you not entertained? What do you n***s want? That’s why I don’t listen to you.”

As history tells it, Kwame actually scored 3 points that night and had 10 rebounds and two blocks.