Olympic Snowboarder Torah Bright Faces Heavy Backlash For Breastfeeding Nude On A Handstand (PIC)

(Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)

Torah Bright thought she would delight her followers with a powerful series of photos celebrating motherhood, while posting one breastfeeding photo that caught some serious attention.

The 34-year-old snowboarding superstar celebrated her first Mother’s Day last weekend by posting several photos while writing: “Becoming a mother has unleashed something inside of me.”

“It’s deeply spiritual. It’s primal. It’s raw. it’s fierce. It is pure,” she continued.

“I am mother. My prayer for all mothers, now and in the future is that they be heard. Honoured. Respected and encouraged to trust their intuition.”

It was hard to focus on the message as you scrolled through the photos and saw her topless breastfeeding her 10-month-old son Flow while doing a headstand.

In response to an Instagram user who commented, “That’s just f—king weird. What are you trying to prove?,” Bright wrote, “interesting… are you intoxicated!!??”

Another person wrote: “A photo of the breastfeeding would be better private of were you seeking attention?”

“Well done on getting the attention you clearly crave… sad and pathetic.”

After receiving backlash over that photo, Bright sent an emotional message to fellow moms feeling unsupported about how they choose to parent.

“Reading some of these comments made me sad,” Bright wrote in a since-expired post on Instagram Stories.

“In my world, mothers should be each other’s cheerleaders (it’s hard enough). Embrace our quirkiness and finding the joy in every sh—y thing that is motherhood,” the 34-year-old wrote.

“We all do it differently. It is not wrong or right. Motherhood is pure. I only now consider myself a Wonder Woman because I have joined the sacred MOTHERS club with you. Nothing but respect to all mothers.

“Love to all mothers who need it right now. I got your back. Every mother has been there. You are not alone. I’m not looking for praise. I never need strangers’ praises,” Bright continued. “I walk this earth to the beat of my own drum, led by my nutrition and search for love and joy … obviously.”