Elvis LeBron Reportedly Arrested After Pounding Umpire With Bat Over Getting Ejected From Game (VIDEO)

We now have a name to the man who violently attacked an umpire during a recent baseball game.

Baseball player Elvis LeBron in the Dominican Republic was so upset during a tournament game over an ump’s balls and strikes calls that he lashed out by attacking him with his bat once he got ejected from the game.

MLB Insider Hector Gomez says Elvis LeBron should be banned from the league and charged with attempted murder.

According to Gomez and TMZ Sports, LeBron was arrested by local police and no longer has ties to the Chicago Cubs as he was a prospect for them before this incident.

“LeBron shoved the ump in the face with his left hand, and violently swung his bat at the guy with his right hand.

The ump went crashing to the ground … but LeBron’s assault didn’t stop there.

The clip shows LeBron then took off his helmet and fired it at the ump … and then went after the guy again with his bat — before other players and coaches intervened.

Fortunately, cooler heads ultimately prevailed … but according to Gomez, LeBron was arrested by local police a short time later.

The ump, meanwhile, tried to finish out the game … but he was taken to the hospital about an hour later to get checked out, Gomez says.”